Friday, September 4, 2009

Another district in Nevada joins BoardDocs!

The third distict in Nevada has successfully begun using BoardDocs. Washoe County Schools recently trained their administration and board members in BoardDocs. The board members were most impressed with BoardDocs Metaseach feature.

Some of their comments were: "This is fantastic, just think of the possibilities we have now." "Before we were calling districts for information on hot education topics, now we have it at right within our meeting site."

The document publisher is excited with online submission along with the ability to have key personnel approve or sign off on each agenda item prior to giving them to the board members. It makes the board's decision much easier if they can see that the agenda items have gone through the necessary steps of approval prior to the board considering them.

Their first meeting with BoardDocs is September 22, 2009. They cannot wait to use it!

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