Sunday, September 20, 2009

BoardDocs Reflections

St. Louis is a 2 1/2 hour flight from Salt Lake City. As I rode back home yesterday, I couldn't help but replay the past few days in my mind.   We shared many things together in Park City at the beautiful Stein Lodge.  We watched and smiled as Ari gave a preview of what is to come in the New BoardDocs.   We listened and even shed a tear as Kevin Carroll shared his struggles when he was young.  He was such a inspiration to listen to and learn from.

It was so wonderful to see everyone.  I feel a special connection to our subscribers.  To echo Laura's comment earlier in our blog, we are the extended BoardDocs family!

As Laura, Ari and I travel to perform training on the New BoardDocs over 2010, I'll get the opportunity to work with a lot of you again!  I can't wait to get started and I know you can't wait either.  This was the best conference yet.  It also was a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow; I learned something new.....

I learned to find MY Red Rubber Ball.   What is it that energizes and inspires me?  As I thought about this, for me, it's not just one thing, but a host of things that allows me greet each day excited and full of life.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family - It is a warm, safe, caring place and I'm loved unconditionally.
  • I get so much joy from watching my two new kittens, Basil and Sage explore the new world around them. 
  • I love the wind in my face as I ride my bike on the Katy Trail
  • Driving my boat on the lake when the water is as smooth as glass
  • Enjoying a quiet house, while everyone else is peacefully sleeping.  It's that special time for me every morning set aside to dream.
  • I get an enormous feeling of purpose, accomplishment and satisfaction when I complete an Implementation.   I hear from so many of you about how much BoardDocs transforms your work, along with saving you so much time.  And the board members?   They just plain LOVE IT.
I hope all of you will find your Red Rubber Ball and learn to dream as well. 

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