Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Let Go

Well, back home now, I am reflecting on the time spent in Park City. Many of you knew that I had family traveling with me. My mom and my aunt joined me on this trip. While I was at the conference they were enjoying all that Park City had to offer. As they waited for the shuttle, they came across many of you coming and going as well. When asked if they were at the conference, they proudly stated, “We belong to Leigh.” I just had to chuckle. :o)

On Saturday, after many if not all of you had already gone, we spent time together perusing shops, taking pictures and just having fun. We ended up at Utah Olympic Park. As we toured the facility, the EXTREME zip line caught our attention. So, once we were finished learning about the park, we made a B-Line for the Zip-Line. It is the steepest in the world – and we just HAD to do it. So, my mom, aunt and I paid for our tickets and proceeded up the mountain on the lift. When we made it to the top, I was in awe of the vision before me. Indeed, we were at a high elevation. I felt so insignificant compared to the view. As we suited up my anticipation grew. Up until this point, I had been relatively calm. But now, in the harness, waiting for the door to open, I was extremely STOKED. Once all of us were ready to go, the door opened, and I just let go.


October 28th, you will be too. ;)

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