Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kevin Carroll Blew Us Away!!!

Wow ... Kevin Carroll just finished his speech and boy are we inspired and ready to PLAY and DREAM!

Amazingly enough, Kevin is the person who, in a sense, started the whole rubber-band bracelet phenomenom (you know, LIVESTRONG, DREAM, etc.). He told the story (and you can read more about his background here).

Kevin is a truly inspiring guy. He asked us the question: What inspires you? For him, as a kid, it was playing with a red rubber ball.

He said your dreams need to be high-reaching and audacious. Which got me thinking; what are my dreams and are they big and bold? Hmmm ... maybe I need to work on that!

One of the things that impressed me the most about Kevin is that it is obvious that he is a generous soul ... a sincere giver. I made a note to myself in my notebook - give!

Kevin said that missions are finite - dreams are endless. He says, to realize one's destiny is a person's only requirement. And if that doesn't get you thinking ...

He passed out red rubber balls to our Workshop attendees. As red balls were being tossed from Superintendents to Document Publishers to Executive Directors, it became very clear that we're all on the same team - a bunch of dreamers who want to make a difference! Here are Kevin's five "dream" ingredients:

* Dedication
* Responsibility
* Education
* Attitude
* Motivation

And according to Kevin, 'E' is the most important letter in the word 'dream'. There are teachable moments in every day.

Kevin Carroll dreams big, and he inspires others to dream big. I want to be on his team - don't you?

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