Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

WOW! Thank you once again for a fantastic conference. Even though I was late arriving on Thursday and missed some of the good stuff :( I had a fantastic time! Not only was the conference awesome, as usual, but the Stein Erickson (Whoa)!!! I felt like a queen.

I am so excited about Live Oak that I can hardly wait until implementation. Having been a subscriber for 6+ years, I thought I had seen BoardDocs go as far as it could go. I thought, what else can they do for us? Well, obviously, they can do a lot for us! I sincerely thank all of the BoardDocs family for their hard work and dedication to making my life, as a Clerk, so much easier. You not only follow through with our suggestions and ideas, but you anticipate them as well. As I have said in the past, I don't know of any other company that does what you do to make their customers feel so special and to meet their service needs.

I know I'm rambling, but I also want to thank all of my fellow clerks -- some that I have just met and some that I see every year. It is such a great networking opportunity to meet, greet and share with one another. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year in Atlanta!

P.S. BoardDocs folks -- get some rest -- you deserve it!!!!