Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome to the Future

We have all been working hard for the last two years planning, designing, and programming for the future of BoardDocs. We told everyone prior to the workshop to “Prepare to be amazed.” Matt has been working overtime programming so that everyone at the workshop could get a good preview of the all-new BoardDocs. It paid off big time.

I was able to stand before over 100 of our subscribers and show them the future of BoardDocs. As a musician, I have been before much larger crowds, but never felt the energy and excitement that I felt when our subscribers finally realized what the future of BoardDocs is. WOW.

To everyone that was able to make the trip to Park City, thank you for your time. For everyone else, I am looking forward to giving you a peek at the all-new BoardDocs at one of our upcoming webinars where I will welcome you to the future.

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