Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well, here it is Sunday night, I've had a couple days with my daughter, a chance to relax a little and I've even unpacked my suitcase, something that usually doesn't happen for a least a week after I get home. I'm up and working, because there's server maintenance to be done, minor routine stuff, but it's all part of the job.

I'm not fighting that typical Sunday night 'the weekend is over' blues though, and I think it's because of the Workshop. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow morning. I'm wondering who is going to call first. I'm excited that there's a chance I'll have just met whoever calls. I hoping a good chunk of our subscribers will remember having met me, and be just a little bit more likely let me help with a problem even though I'm not Leigh or Andrea.

But mostly, I'm excited because Live Oak is now a 'thing' instead of just being a 'idea.' We've seen huge parts of it work, we've heard more about what it will do for our subscribers, we've witnessed it in action, and we've been amazed. When I tell someone "well, right now you can only have ONE current meeting, but we're going to make sure that's not the case in the next version" I'll know there's a good chance the person I'm talking to has seen it work, or has heard about it from someone else, or will have a chance to see it soon in a web presentation. It's a reality now, and I think that's... well... neat.

And, yea, it'll be exciting to hear from all the amazing people I've met. I'm already looking forward to next year when I have a chance to hear about everything Live Oak has done for our subscribers.

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