Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Growing

A couple of years ago, we planted a little acorn. BoardDocs staff members and subscribers have been caring for it ever since. Preparing the soil, watering, keeping the weeds back and watching it grow.

A select few of us are actually able to see the little sapling and we can tell, it is a Live Oak. It will grow big and strong, be green all year long and provide joy to a large group of people. I am talking about the next version of BoardDocs.

When BoardDocs users saw the new BoardDocs LT we released in January they started asking: “When do we get something like that?” Well, your time has almost come.

On September 17 attendees of the 7th annual BoardDocs eGovernance Workshop will be among the first to preview the all New BoardDocs. All I can say is: Prepare to be amazed.

If you can’t attend the Workshop, simply follow this blog. As we preview the new BoardDocs to staff and users, you will be able to follow their comments and track their reaction.

Welcome to the BoardDocs eGovernance Workshop Blog!

We are Team BoardDocs -- Welcome to our blog!

With the September 17 & 18 eGovernance Workshop just around the corner, we are dedicating this blogging series to our subscribers who would like to follow the Workshop as it unfolds!

Check back here often for new posts on Workshop activities, including information about the 2009 Guest Speaker and International Agent for Social Change, Kevin Carroll, as well as updates on our Round Table Discussions and news on the All New BoardDocs!

Over the next few weeks, Team BoardDocs will host a forum where our user community can post questions, short essays and responses aimed at broadening the eGovernance discussion. In addition, this Workshop-dedicated blog will feature posts by some of the top thought leaders in the field. Join the conversation today!