Monday, August 31, 2009

Did You Say "BoardDocs Speed Dating"?

Excellent Variety for this years Round Table Discussions

Many subscribers are using BoardDocs in interesting and innovative ways. The Round Table Presentations provide a quick, peer-to-peer learning experience that will allow subscribers to share information. Round Table presenters make short, informative presentations followed by brief question-and-answer periods. Think of it as "BoardDocs Speed Dating"! The format will provide participants with as much information as possible in a concise, upbeat format.

This year, ten different Round Table Presentations will be offered. Each round table will cover a different topic, consisting of a presenter and 9 participants. In most of these discussions, subscribers will learn tips that could be applied to either BoardDocs LT or BoardDocs. Stay tuned for summaries on Workshop Round Tables!
Table 1 - Using Pictures To Create A More Visually Appealing BoardDocs Web Site
Hosted by Della Wooddell and Jennifer Buckmaster of Park Hill School District, MO
Have you thought about embedding pictures of your board members - or other key staff - into your BoardDocs content? Pictures can enhance your content and they aren't hard to work with.

Table 2 - Integrating BoardDocs Content Into Your District Web Site
Hosted by Andrew Frink of Park City Schools, UT
Did you know that your BoardDocs Agendas and Policies can appear as an integrated part your district web site? Come see an example of how it looks. You might even learn a few "techie" buzz words to use with your local I.T. people when you get back home. (BoardDocs only)

Table 3 - BoardDocs News: It Isn't Just For The Board Anymore
Hosted by Kathy Cardona of Orange County Public Schools, FL
Have you thought about using BoardDocs to publish snip-its of news that happen around the school board office and the district? Come see and discuss some great examples of how the BoardDocs News section can be a "PR department" for your district. (BoardDocs only)

Table 4 - Navigating Policies
Hosted by Cheryl Lisieki of Fayetteville-Manlius Schools, NY
Getting hundreds of policies into BoardDocs can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Here's how one document publisher got it done in record time, including a fully linked navigation system. (BoardDocs only)

Table 5 - Recording Your Meetings And Placing Audio Files Into BoardDocs
Hosted by Pam Lipps of Richmond Community Schools, IN
Come learn how one district is recording their meetings, managing the sound files, and embedding them into the BoardDocs content areas.

Table 6 - On-line Submissions And Approvals Made Easy
Hosted by Debbie Abshear of Lawndale Elementary School District, CA
Whether you are from a large or small district, on-line submissions can be leveraged to make your publishing job easier. Come discuss best practices, time lines, templates, and adding approvals into the mix. (BoardDocs only)

Table 7 - Best Practices In BoardDocs LT - Creativity Is The Key
Hosted by Cecilia Montijo and Dr. Frank Davidson of Casa Grande Elementary School District, AZ
Many of our LT districts have been thinking "outside the box". Come share how you use the product and learn some new tricks too. (BoardDocs LT only)

Table 8 - Upgrading From LT To BoardDocs
Hosted by Robin Brown of Maize Unified School District, KS
Last year, Maize upgraded from LT to BoardDocs. What are the key differences between the 2 BoardDocs versions? And what reasons helped influence the districts decision to upgrade?

Table 9 - Perspectives From A District After 5 Years Of BoardDocs
Hosted by Jane Glover of MSD Warren Township Schools, IN
They say hind-sight is 20-20. Come discuss the challenges and successes from a district that has been using BoardDocs for over 5 years.

Table 10 - Mystery Topic Table
Hosted by Lisa Shelton of Excelsior Springs School District, MO
We'll have a fish bowl filled with mystery topics. Take turns pulling items from the bowl to discuss.