Friday, September 4, 2009

Another district in Nevada joins BoardDocs!

The third distict in Nevada has successfully begun using BoardDocs. Washoe County Schools recently trained their administration and board members in BoardDocs. The board members were most impressed with BoardDocs Metaseach feature.

Some of their comments were: "This is fantastic, just think of the possibilities we have now." "Before we were calling districts for information on hot education topics, now we have it at right within our meeting site."

The document publisher is excited with online submission along with the ability to have key personnel approve or sign off on each agenda item prior to giving them to the board members. It makes the board's decision much easier if they can see that the agenda items have gone through the necessary steps of approval prior to the board considering them.

Their first meeting with BoardDocs is September 22, 2009. They cannot wait to use it!

I wish it was 6 weeks from now!

Conference calls with our whole team are often crazy, and always entertaining. But, today's team conference call was nothing short of amazing! We got to see the all new, lemon-freshened BoardDocs; and I can't wait to start training our subscribers on it! Really!

Don't get me wrong - I love BoardDocs, new or old. Its an amazing service and showing our customers how to use it to create their agendas, policies and news items is such a fun job. What could be wrong with hanging out with really great people and showing them how to use something that will make their life so much easier? But I must say, the old BoardDocs just absolutely PALES in comparison to the new BoardDocs.

What do I think you'll love the most? Good grief, just everything! The look is sleek. Actions are intuitive. Our developers have taken all the things you loved about BoardDocs and made it even more amazing and easy to use. Plus they added the things you have been asking us to include, like calendars, timers, notes and accommodations for complex voting situations (not that you EVER have those crop up).

I am SO looking forward to showing this to everyone at the workshop. It will blow you away. Then, six short weeks from now, we train the very first NEW BoardDocs subscriber.

Just about the only thing that BoardDocs won't be able to do for you is get those pesky late submitters to get their stuff in on time! Hmmm...



Matt and I have been working long and hard on the all new BoardDocs. Today we got the first opportunity to share it to a group. Some staff members have seen some screen shots and everyone has read the Live Oak Development Outline, but only Matt and I have been able to put our hands on it.

This morning, EDS staff members got their first chance to see a working version of Live Oak. I could really feel the energy on the conference call. I think I can speak for all of us now in saying; we can’t wait to preview it to everyone at the workshop.

Prepared to be amazed!

Upcoming Workshop

Hi everyone! I'm very excited about the upcoming eGovernance workshop in Park City. I'm anxious to see the new and improved BoardDocs. This trip is always one of the highlights of my year. See you soon!

Park City - Round Table

Hi all - looking forward to the work shop in Park City. Last time I attended the topics covered were very informational. Interacting with the other users from across the country was invaluable. Great ideas were shared, new friends were made and any questions/suggestions that I had were discussed and answered. I will be hosting a round table on how my district uses the News Portion to share all the good happenings in our school district. Can't wait to see everyone.