Monday, September 7, 2009

People Manager launches!

The support team at BoardDocs is very excited about the launch of our People Manager application. Now, our document publishers can add, edit and delete their own BoardDocs user accounts! How great is that?

People Manager has a sleek look to it and the interface is so intuitive, it hardly needs a manual. By using Web 2.0 technology, our developers have delivered an amazingly easy, yet powerful tool for our subscribers.

What is Web 2.0 you ask? Well, I doubt you want a long technical lecture, so for now, all you have to know is that gives us the ability to provide you with services over the internet that work as well, and probably better, than applications loaded on your local machine. It allows us to offer a rich feature set like context-sensitve right-click menus and drag and drop. Web 2.0 also helps us involve our subscribers as an integral part of our web services.

One more thing that makes BoardDocs special? We love to talk to our subscribers and we really listen to what you have to say. Our whole team, from trainers to developers, are in sync with our users and the great services we provide are the proof.

What's the downside to all of our amazing new web services? They work so well, the support phone line doesn't ring as much anymore. So, occasionally, it's OK just to call and say "hello".

Enjoy People Manager! And I look forward to seeing many of you in Park City next week!