Friday, September 11, 2009

Watching the Sunset

I’m watching the sunset over the mountains of Park City and can’t wait for everyone to be here. The days are in the low 70’s and the nights in the low 40’s. The air is crisp and there is a slight golden hue in the countryside.

Park City is lovely this time of year. Folks say they visit for the winters but move here for the summers. Locals know the fall is the best time of the year. The summer tourist season is coming to an end and the skiers will not arrive until November. So we get the town to ourselves for a few weeks.

Chris just visited the workshop venue to take care of a few last minute details and assures me that this will be the best workshop ever. The entire staff has really stepped it up for this one. We have a great speaker, an all-new BoardDocs to show you, record attendance, the perfect setting and some surprises for you.

I can’t wait for everyone to arrive so we can all watch the sunset together.

See you next week!