Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome to the Future

We have all been working hard for the last two years planning, designing, and programming for the future of BoardDocs. We told everyone prior to the workshop to “Prepare to be amazed.” Matt has been working overtime programming so that everyone at the workshop could get a good preview of the all-new BoardDocs. It paid off big time.

I was able to stand before over 100 of our subscribers and show them the future of BoardDocs. As a musician, I have been before much larger crowds, but never felt the energy and excitement that I felt when our subscribers finally realized what the future of BoardDocs is. WOW.

To everyone that was able to make the trip to Park City, thank you for your time. For everyone else, I am looking forward to giving you a peek at the all-new BoardDocs at one of our upcoming webinars where I will welcome you to the future.

Boarding call

You know that feeling after a great work out? You are exhausted, but proud of a job well done. That's how I feel sitting in the airport, waiting to go home after the workshop. I'm worn out, but so pleased at the success of the past few days (not to mention all of the hard work building up to the workshop).

It is always great seeing our subscribers, old faces and new faces - hearing all of the little tricks that people learn from their peers - watching the excitement about new features - getting updates on kids and grand kids. Such a nice mix of business and personal. It really is like a big, extended family.

For now, it is time to go home to my family. I might not see you until next year, but I'm sure we'll be talking as we coordinate all of the upgrades to the all new BoardDocs. Until then...

Big Sigh....

I'm sitting in the airport with Andrea, waiting for our flight back to Atlanta. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee because I am flat out tired. Tired but happy. I feel like we had such a great workshop. There were a lot of things I loved:

I loved the Stein.
I loved the beds.
I loved the tubs.
I loved seeing all of our subscribers.
I loved seeing our subscribers meet and greet each other and form friendships.
I loved seeing the excitement on everyone's faces about the new BoardDocs.
I loved having people come over to me anxious to get their name on the list to host an area conversion training.
I loved having dinner with our round table presenters and enjoying them sharing information with each other over a fantastic meal.
I loved hiking on the mountain with Andrea, Leigh and Brian.
I loved hanging out with my BoardDocs colleagues.

While I am having a little spell of "dancer's remorse", I'd probably do it all again, just to get a few people out of their seats and energized.

The coming months are going to be busy as we bring new and current subscribers to the new BoardDocs. It is going to be a very exciting time.

I think we are all ready for the ride!

Laura V

Prepare to be Amazed?

Who wrote that? Well, I guess I did, with maybe a bit of inspiration from my peers. “Prepare to be Amazed” became sort of our internal mantra for the Conference. Ari used it for his opening slide; it’s a featured headline in our latest ad touting the introduction of Live Oak (see ASBJ, October issue); and, second perhaps to “Holy Toledo” (apologies to our friends from Toledo), the phrase was remarkably popular among the BoardDocs staffers while here. So, like everyone else, I came here preparing to…be amazed. Admittedly, I had a sneak preview of Live Oak a week or so ago, so that cat, as they say, was out of the bag.

Well, I’m still kinda new around here so I was intent on experiencing my first eGovernance Conference to its fullest. From Kevin Carroll, our featured speaker (amazing, by the way), to the “reveal” of Live Oak, to Ari’s closing remarks; I was prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was over 100 of the most incredible, friendly and sincere people I have ever met - our subscribers. As much “buzz” as there was among Conference attendees about Live Oak, let me assure you that the buzz among the BoardDocs staff was nothing short of how “amazing” our subscribers are – and how very, very fortunate we are to serve you.

So, as the new kid on the block, I look forward to future eGovernance conferences with great anticipation. Whether or not we will introduce new products as exciting as the all new BoardDocs remains to be seen. What I am certain of, is that as I continue to meet more and more of you, I can count on experiences that one could only describe as “amazing.”

Thanks to all of you, for all you do, and helping make BoardDocs such a great place to work.